Ahrens is a progressive company that embraces diversity and innovation.  We embrace those who share our values and strive to be the best they can.

Our culture is about working together to get the job done, about being accountable and acting with integrity.  We focus on innovation and efficiently and reward those who passionately work toward realising our vision. 

Ahrens is an Equal Opportunity employer who recognises the value of a diverse workforce. We are dedicated to promoting an inclusive workplace and we encourage applications from all genders and people of Indigenous backgrounds.

Our vision and values

Our aim is to be the most cost-effective supplier of high-quality construction, engineering and mining services and agricultural products, whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety, quality and service for our employees, subcontractors and customers.

Our values describe the core principles that define our culture and influence our behaviour.  They are the benchmark of how we conduct ourselves and go about business.  It’s important that our people share common values to ensure we are all aligned and working in the same direction. 

Through embracing our values we can achieve our company vision and build an even stronger company by underwriting and enhancing relationships with all participants, including local communities.

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