In and Outboard Marine Showroom

Office and Showroom

This design and construction project involved the transformation of an existing sales area in a shed into a premier marine showroom.

The raw structural steel look combined with stainless, polished ceramic tiles and blue silicone butt glazing combine to create the eye-catching exterior facade. Internally, polished concrete floors, timber decks and perforated mini orb style ceilings combined with ‘glacier’ style lighting provided a unique display lighting effect that was designed to mimic a marine environment for maximum visual impact.

The combination of natural lighting through the blue glazing and the highly reflective interior allows the environment to be well lit to display the marine products, but use minimal lighting and climate control during operating hours and minimal display lighting is required for after-hours window displays.

It was crucial the business remained operational throughout construction.  Close collaboration with the client and other parties and clever programming ensured this was achieved with minimal disruption to all parties.