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Ahrens acquire leading water storage brand, Altanks

Australia’s leading provider of rural infrastructure, Ahrens, has acquired water storage brand Altanks in an exciting move to grow and expand the company’s range of water storage products.

Joining Ahrens’ existing water storage brands, Pioneer Water Tanks and Southern Cross Water, the strategic acquisition of Altanks will strengthen Ahrens’ position as a national market leader in water storage solutions as well as increase their access to alternative markets.

Altanks is a leading brand in the water tank industry who have built a strong reputation for providing high quality products and storage solutions for their clients, as well as personalised customer service during their 12 years of operation.

Altanks owner Shaun Tansley said Altanks was excited to become a part of Ahrens and was confident this acquisition would be a positive move for both companies towards a shared vision of growth and investment in the water storage sector.

“I feel the future of the Altanks brand will be in safe hands with the Ahrens Group and merging Altanks with one of Australia’s largest water storage solution businesses is exciting for everyone in the business,” Mr Tansley said.

“This merger is the logical next stage of growth and development for the business and the brand.”

Pioneer Water Tanks and Southern Cross Water Managing Director Daniel Wyatt said Altanks was a natural fit with the existing business as it represented a prime opportunity for incremental growth in a familiar and well understood market.

“The acquisition of Altanks is strongly aligned with our objective of growing our water storage business to achieve scale in the global water storage segment,” Mr Wyatt said.

“The deal includes the acquisition of new product IP, which will allow the business to compete more strongly by leveraging an extended product range through mature and emerging sales channels in Australia, USA and other international markets we operate in.”

With Altanks’ range of highly efficient round and rectangular tank designs being added to Ahrens’ current portfolio of products sold worldwide, the national business will be able to deliver a uniquely low cost standard range of water storage products for customers. This will allow Ahrens to become the market’s preferred supplier of safe, secure, reliable and cost effective water storage products and services.

The acquisition was completed on February 1 2021, and the Altanks brand will be retained as an important member of the Ahrens family of brands.