Ahrens delivers eco-friendly waste resources facility

A recently completed recycling facility in Western Sydney will help shape the future of Australia’s renewable energy sources.

Design and Construct NSW have delivered an eco-friendly new manufacturing building, workshop and dual-storey office facility for client Harmony, for end-user ResourceCo.

Valued at more than $10 million, the project at in Wetherill Park in New South Wales included the demolition of the existing building and the construct of a 7,500 square manufacturing building for ResourceCo’s equipment, raw feed and final product.

Multiple divisions of Ahrens worked together to produce the state-of-the-art facility, with the Steel division responsible for manufacturing and transporting structural steel to site, as well as Parkes who were engaged to execute parts of the office fit-out and external cladding for the main office, lab and amenities.

Parkes were also key in discovering trades, which included tiling, painting and flooring.

This facility will be used to house the equipment ResourceCo will use to produce reusable fuel out of non-recyclable waste streams.

This fuel will initially be used locally but will eventually be exported as an alternative to coal and gas for cement kilns in Asia.

The aim of this is to deliver cleaner energy solutions to the Australian economy and when the facility is operational, it will process around 150,000 tonnes of waste a year to produce this fuel and will go a long way in tackling air, water and land quality.

Ahrens were happy to be involved with a project that aligns with our vision of protecting the environment, balance our economic, environmental and social responsibilities, as well as contribute towards creating vibrant and sustainable communities that are supportive of the natural environment.

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