Ahrens driven by success with latest project for Booth Transport

Ahrens have ventured down the road of success with their latest project completed for Booth Transport in Hope Valley, Western Australia.

The new $6 million operational hub has been tailored to meet the service requirements of trucks carrying liquids and bulky goods.

The total 25,000m square metre site consists of an impressive 4,000 square metre facility featuring a warehouse, workshop and wash-bay areas as well as front main administration offices and central workshop service offices.

As the facility is also used for servicing, there was a requirement to have two 36-metre long service pits for B-Double vehicles with consumables such as oils, greases and transmission fluids for the vehicles maintenance distributed from a central consumables pit.

Further design features include Compressed Air through stainless steel lines throughout the facility and a unique three bay wash-bay design initiated by the client.

The wash-bay is able to handle over 100,000 litres of treatment on a daily basis, through a wide variety of wash styles with all waste being pH treated before making its way into the municipal wastewater system.

Externally, the operational hub is finished off with its own fuelling area and double bowser filling station, trade registered weighbridge, concrete trailer parking area and heavy duty Hotmix pavements with trucks entering and exiting through 3G wirelessly controlled gates.

The first-class facility allows Booth to continue to travel the road of success as one of Australia’s most respected freight and logistics providers.

Sharing a rich history that parallels Ahrens’ own, both companies have seen strong growth and become national success stories while maintaining their unique family-orientation.

The successful delivery of this fully-customised transport hub has affirmed a great business relationship between Ahrens and Booth Transport with the potential for future work.