Warm Up Facility built by Ahrens

Building a facility worthy of elite athletes

A pivotal time for Ahrens that cemented their place in the design & construct industry

A memorable time for Managing Director, Stefan Ahrens was winning the contract to design and construct the 2000 Sydney Olympics warm-up facility. He received a fax about project prospects coming up and Stef immediately noticed the 10,000m2 facility that would be used for athletes competing in sports such as, volleyball and badminton. This temporary facility was an extra bonus for the company when Stef realised they would own the facility outright after the games.

An exciting time of pivotal growth and unchartered territory, Ahrens advertised the facility in newspapers after the Olympics and gained 3 new projects from the people interested in buying the building. Ahrens were such impressive contractors for the Olympics warm-up facility that they were offered many other infrastructure projects throughout the Olympics with their ‘can do’ attitude. 

After the Olympics the large end grandstands had to be removed on Stadium Australia and replaced with two massive roof structures. Ahrens were awarded the project to design and construct these roof structures that needed to be completed for the Rugby World Cup.

"This was by far one of the most complex and challenging projects we have ever undertaken and at the same time the most rewarding with the end result and iconic project that showcases Ahrens true capability" - Mark Smeaton, Construction Director. 

These projects were a springboard into the Eastern states where the company was able to demonstrate their ability to work in any state within Australia and manage a project of tremendous importance. This was a pivotal time for Ahrens that further cemented their place in the industry and put the company on a worldwide stage.