Beverly 2021

Clean start for trailblazing waste and recycling facility gets off the ground

Ahrens’ works get leading recycling facility off the ground, boosting local sustainability

In an effort to contribute to a more sustainable outcome for our nation, Ahrens were engaged by head contractor Blu-Built Constructions to design and construct the building envelope, namely structural steel, cladding and roller shutters, for the redevelopment of the City of Charles Sturt’s state-of-the-art undercover waste transfer facility located in Beverley.

Working closely with the client to guarantee client satisfaction and involvement, right from the planning phase, Ahrens were able to deliver a tailored, sustainable solution that catered for the client’s specific design requirements and complied with strict environmental conditions.

The project demonstrated Ahrens’ ability to be a one-stop shop for waste and recycling infrastructure solutions with multiple arms of Ahrens working seamlessly together to produce these state-of-the-art buildings; a waste transfer shed and an e-waste canopy, where electronics like televisions and computers can be recycled.

The design and construction team engaged the steel division to manufacture and transport structural steel to site for the buildings, from Ahrens’ local manufacturing facility at Kingsford, and Ahrens were able to use their own plant, personnel and equipment to complete on-site works.

This invaluable resource has allowed the City of Charles Sturt to use their Beverley facility to make recycling and waste disposal easier, as well as safer and cleaner, for both users and the environment.

The project allowed Ahrens to contribute to a more sustainable future by providing resourceful facilities that have a flow-on effect to the wider community. This project aligned with Ahrens’ commitment to leaving a brighter future for all by minimising their carbon footprint and supporting projects that lessen their impact on the environment.

Ahrens have aided the City of Charles Sturt in their quest to act as a representative of the local community, serving the public interest and making responsible decisions on their behalf to improve overall quality of life.

Having innovative engineering abilities, combined with extensive design and construction experience, Ahrens are able to meet the detailed and specific requirements of waste and recycling projects; a key sector for the leading construction company.

Their comprehensive experience and all-inclusive approach in servicing the sector ensures they have the competitive advantage to deliver cost-effective solutions and innovative engineering capabilities based on delivered results.

Proud to be an Australian-owned family business, Ahrens is the most vertically-integrated construction company in Australia with a complete range of in-house capabilities to deliver your next project from concept to completion.

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