From pellet to plate, Ingham's is an Australian success story

What goes into producing the delicious roast chicken at the heart of dinner tables all across the nation?

It fries down to an impressive new facility that produces 12,000 tonnes of chicken pellets each week to cover South Australia’s feed requirements and service the state’s main hatchery.

This is what the team at Ahrens Design & Construct delivered over the course of two years, proudly creating a landmark multi-million dollar facility for fellow Aussie company, Ingham's – Australia’s largest integrated poultry producer.

In a move by the poultry giant to meet the nation’s growing demand for Aussie-grown chicken, Ingham’s chose Ahrens to build the hi-tech feed mill at agricultural hub, Murray Bridge in South Australia.

In one of the largest and most complex projects Ahrens have ever completed, the team worked long days and put in extra hours to construct the state-of-the-art facility, comprising of warehousing, grains, meal and product silos, as well as integration of specialised equipment, that made the journey from overseas.

The feed mill’s primary purpose is to store various raw materials and grains used in the making of the many different variations of chicken pellets. Having originally produced 500 tonnes of pellets on a weekly basis, the plant now churns out a massive 12,000 tonnes each week, and is open around-the-clock.

The expanded facility has generated many new jobs for the local community and forms part of Ingham’s $275 million-dollar investment into its South Australian operations.

Ingham’s Executive General Manager Commercial & Trading Graeme Dillon said the facility was ‘fantastic’ and he was more than happy with how Ahrens performed and delivered on this milestone project.

The result? A perfectly cooked facility that will feed the tables of Australians for years to come.