Employee Story: Aaron Bain

From poultry to prosperity

How a simple sale saw Aaron Bain become General Manager of Ahrens Rural

Aaron Bain's journey was promising from early on in 2010, when he sold three Silky Bantam chickens to the Ahrens family as part of a self-initiated business venture. His potential was abundantly clear, with his natural leadership and sales skills shining brightly. The Ahrens family knew this budding entrepreneur was destined for great success.

Whilst still completing Year 12 at a local school, he spent one day a week as a Business Development Graduate across various divisions of the company. Aaron still values this opportunity to this day as he was able to gain a greater understanding of this business from the ground-up. In 2020, Aaron reached his 10-year milestone at Ahrens and showed no signs of slowing down anytime soon, managing eight manufacturing locations across six states, whilst employing 230 people. His goals were sky high.

Aaron’s growth alongside the company saw him in many different roles; Production Administrator, Operations Manager - Steel, General Manager - Steel & Engineering before settling into his role as General Manager – Ahrens Rural. Aaron believes his success stems from the invaluable opportunity he was given, having secured employment at Ahrens at such an early age.

 “Ahrens is a company you can grow with personally and professionally, allowing one to achieve their career aspirations," Aaron said.

Aaron now manages the Ahrens Rural division on a national scale, leading the operations team who have seen year-on-year growth in sales and continuous improvement of their manufacturing practices and standardisation. He continues to pioneer the team and grow Ahrens’ strong brand name to strengthen their reputation as the number one brand in rural infrastructure.

With his focus on growing the rural division of Ahrens nationally and eventually overseas, Aaron’s latest career highlight has been watching the exponential growth of the Ahrens site constructed silo start-up venture that provides large on-farm storage. Aaron’s core values mimic those of the company, with his career aspirations including continuing to grow the teams in both the silo and shed divisions. He reflects that without his team, he wouldn’t be where he is today.