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Iconic Australian brand, Southern Cross, returns to Aussie ownership

Iconic water tank and windmill brand, Southern Cross, will return to Australian ownership this week thanks to another iconic Australian brand, Ahrens. The recognisable image of a lone Southern Cross windmill against a cloudless blue sky has been synonymous with the Australian landscape for over a century.


Australia’s leading provider of rural infrastructure, Ahrens, have secured a deal with Pentair for its Australian tanks and windmills divisions. This includes Southern Cross Tanks and Windmills, as well as tank brands Encon Modular Tanks and Australian Panel Tanks, which will operate under the new banner of Southern Cross Water. 

Australian-owned and operated, Ahrens, is a national construction, engineering and manufacturing company with a rich-history of providing rural infrastructure solutions. The fourth-generation family-owned business started in the Barossa Valley, South Australia, in 1906 and has grown and expanded to become the multi-faceted national company it is today.  
Ahrens Managing Director Stefan Ahrens said he was proud to return one of the nation’s most iconic rural brands back into Australian hands. 

“Southern Cross has a rich cultural significance in Australian history and we are looking forward to taking this brand to another level, supported by the strengths of our existing Pioneer Water Tanks business which has operations in Australia and the US,” Mr Ahrens said. 

The acquisition forms part of Ahrens’ strategic plan to add further scale to their goal of becoming Australia’s number one provider of rural infrastructure solutions for silos, sheds and water tanks. 

“From water to hay to grain and equipment, Ahrens aims to provide a solution to protect all your assets on the farm and this move affirms our offering as a one-stop shop,” he said. 

The products that will come with this acquisition are highly complementary to Ahrens’ existing water tanks business, Pioneer Water Tanks. 

“Importantly, this deal gives Ahrens’ tank business manufacturing bases on both the east and west coast, which will increase total production capacity and allow improved servicing of Australian and international customers,” Mr Ahrens said.  

“Australian Panel Tanks have a great range of fire tanks so this will expand our current water tank range to include both round and rectangular fire tanks, and in turn, increase our capabilities in the commercial water tanks business.” 

Mr Ahrens said with these increased capabilities, the tank business was well-positioned for significant growth over the next few years, which will in turn create new jobs as well as benefit suppliers, re-sellers and everyone else in the value chain. 

“We plan to release the fire tanks to the US market through our base in San Marcos, Texas,” he said. 

“It also gives Ahrens the opportunity to grow our tank maintenance capabilities to customers across Australia.”