Sustainability 2021

Leaving legacy of sustainability for future generations

Ahrens are committed to making lasting change in the areas of environment, innovation and community

The same is true for the sustainability of the planet, and Ahrens plan to make this vision a reality, driven by the guiding values of always searching for a smarter, better way and ensuring everything they touch and use has value.

With the support of strong board governance and the commitment of their hard working teams across the group and around the world, Ahrens have introduced their own Environmental Management system. This system commits the entire group of companies to deliver real and significant improvement across the three core areas of the environment, innovation and the community.

With 22 offices and hundreds of sites across the globe, Ahrens places a high priority on managing their energy consumption. One way Ahrens have helped to enhance sustainability is through the introduction of solar energy to many of their offices, warehouses and factory locations.

Successful water harvesting plans are also being implemented across all locations, and waste management and recycling programs are currently in use at all factories, sites and offices in an effort to reduce Ahrens’ carbon footprint.

When it comes to innovation, Ahrens work closely with their clients to look at more efficient and innovative ways to reduce material usage and waste. With Ahrens’ custom engineered buildings, they are able to offer smarter designs that give their customers a saving of around 17% on steel, as well as further material savings and an increase in overall efficiency.

Ahrens’ water storage brands, Pioneer Water Tanks, Southern Cross and Altanks, have also developed world-leading water harvesting products to ensure customers can capitalise on natural resources.

Aiming to always give back to those who helped them get to where they are today, Ahrens are passionate about the local communities in which they operate, sustainability in another form.

Since 1988, Ahrens have given more than $10 million to charity, supporting life changing organisations such as the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Kickstart for Kids, the Heart Foundation and various others.

When it comes to sustainability, everyone at Ahrens is on board, and the company has the heritage, the people and the strength to deliver.

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