Envorinex 2021

Paving the way for sustainable infrastructure

Ahrens’ signature build in Queensland creates leading processing facility for Envorinex

Proudly partnering with Wagner Corporation, Ahrens delivered their environmental processing and remanufacturing facility in Queensland, a facility which is a first for the state.

Forming a part of Wellcamp Business Park, the structural steel buildings and office facility is now being used by Envorinex to process rigid plastics in order to produce plastic pellets that will then be remanufactured and repurposed.

Envorinex is an Australian company dedicated to providing innovative and proven polymer product solutions to national and international clients.

Their facility, and the business park precinct as a whole, is aimed at creating an environmentally supportive community that encourages patrons to actively practice sustainability. Working alongside the client, Ahrens brought life to their vision through a green lens.

From concept to completion, Ahrens worked alongside the client to provide this critical facility, continuing a successful relationship with the Wagner Corporation that first bloomed after Ahrens’ delivery of the Qantas Group Pilot Academy Hangar in Toowoomba last year.

The waste and recycling sector has been a key industry for Ahrens, and they have decades of experience in applying the most sustainable practices to their work environments.

This is namely through sustainable water storage, material selections, locally fabricated steel and components, and smarter design techniques that maximise natural resources such as sun, water catchment and airflow.

Ahrens is proud to be able to continue to leave a legacy of environmentally sustainable project solutions for clients across the nation, creating the groundwork for future change.

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