Employee Story: Cheer Brothers

Three Cheers for Ahrens' power trio

Success runs in the family for three Cheer brothers

Ahrens have always prided themselves on their steadfast family values, and this trait has attracted many local families to join their workforce over a number of years; those looking to make their career ambitions a reality. The Cheer brothers are no exception, having made it a rite of passage to work for Ahrens in the Rural division based in South Australia, and setting a high bar for excellence through their can-do attitudes.

Brad Cheer, the longest running Ahrens employee from the family, completed a Certificate II in Metal Fabrication during his final year of schooling. With this study giving him a solid foundation, he was able to secure a position as an Apprentice Boilermaker with Ahrens. Brad has had hands-on experience in various business sectors, with his role involving work in the Steel Fabrication workshop as both a Boilermaker and Truck Driver, as well as work in the Mining Services Division in Olympic Dam. Embracing all opportunities with open arms over his five years with Ahrens, Brad was recently promoted to Sales and Logistics Coordinator for Rural SA, and he found that his experience in both manufacturing and delivery had primed him to undertake this position. Brad has diversified his career at Ahrens by rising to new challenges, and this has made him an invaluable member of the team.

Tim Cheer, the eldest of the brothers, has been with Ahrens for almost two years as a Boilermaker in our Rural division, working on transportable silos. Seeing the career opportunities Ahrens offered Brad, Tim decided to pursue a role to acquire a new skillset. He has recently been promoted to Leading Hand, a position which involves training apprentices, problem-solving and job planning.

Keeping it in the family, the youngest of the three brothers, Daniel Cheer, is Ahrens’ newest recruit who has been working as a Trades Assistant & Machine Operator for over six months. His role includes operating the turret punch at the Sheaoak Log workshop, punching steel building orders and working with agricultural parts. Daniel has been able to grow within his short time with Ahrens, having been given opportunities to try a diverse range of tasks and support while deciding on his ultimate career path.

A defining characteristic amongst the Cheer brothers has been their unrelenting drive to succeed within Ahrens, and Ahrens have supported them in-turn from the beginning of their careers. Brad reflects on his time with Ahrens and the opportunities afforded to both himself and his brothers.

“If you asked me two years ago, transitioning into my current role was definitely not on my radar,” Brad said.

“[Ahrens] has provided me with guidance and put a great deal of faith in my ability to adapt to situations.”

This falls in line with Ahrens’ commitment to providing training to develop their employees both personally and professionally, while offering career progression pathways to individuals within the company.

The Cheer brothers are grateful for this ongoing support, and continue to also support each other through their career journeys. All three boys agree a career highlight was celebrating Brad’s 5-year service milestone at Kingsford The Barossa, as well as their individual career progressions and promotions. When it comes to career aspirations, they also wish to continue growing within their position and complete their roles to the highest level of quality and efficiency possible.

All three Cheer brothers deliver a key message to all current and future employees to guarantee a rewarding career:

“Always take the opportunities offered to you and keep an open mind, while trying to be the best version of yourself.”