Sustainable Practices

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We are committed to supporting a sustainable future for all our staff, clients, consultants, visitors, and the wider community through employing practices to minimise our carbon footprint.  We also endeavour to balance our economic, environmental and social responsibilities to ensure all our activities have a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work.

In order to ensure possible environmental impacts are adequately managed, we have developed and implemented a Group Environmental Management System.  It outlines how we will assess Environmental aspects and impacts, fulfil our obligations to employ sustainable practices and maintain a focus on continual improvement.  This ensures we continue to introduce innovations such as developing our Custom Engineered Building system, reducing the amount of steel used by up to 30%, and creating a steel paintline system that uses recycled water.

We develop a specific Environmental Plan for all our projects in line with relevant legislation and any client requirements.  These plans define the targeted standards and how they will be implemented, monitored and controlled throughout the duration of the project.  We also focus on developing innovative design features that utilise sustainable energy resources, looking for opportunities to use recycled materials and minimising ongoing maintenance costs.

Our Environmental Management System is certified to the standard AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004, certified by LRQA, an internationally accredited certification body.  

Our many years of experience in the design and construction industry enable us to create innovative building designs that utilise sustainable energy solutions. Typically, our larger buildings incorporate environmentally sustainable systems such as energy efficient and automated lighting, solar heating, rainwater harvesting for reticulation to amenities and swales that retain large volumes of groundwater for irrigation. We look for opportunities to use recycled building materials and minimise ongoing maintenance costs for our clients. We offer Custom Engineered Buildings as an alternative building option, using advanced software to create steel frames from tapered web beams which use less steel than traditional parallel beams.

In South Australia, many of our employees and their families support our Kingsford Revegetation Project. Since 2009, we have planted approximately 10,000 trees on the property, which is owned by the Ahrens' family and includes the heritage-listed Kingsford Homestead. With assistance from Trees for Life and the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board, we have substantially revegetated the property with native shrubs and trees. The North Para River, which runs through the property, is an important catchment for the northern Adelaide region, and we are committed to protecting this watercourse with new fencing and providing habitat for native animals and birds through this ongoing revegetation project.